Review Kick-off: A Re-posted ‘Meh’

Since today’s Blogging101 task was to think about/change the blog’s title and tagline, but I’m currently satisfied with the title (although the tagline could use some changing, I think), it’s time to start posting (and posting was actually the optional task, if anyone would like to know that). Therefore, let’s kick off the book reviews by putting here my Goodreads review of Life Blood: Cora’s Choice by V.M. Black. I leave the review as it was on Goodreads.

Life Blood: Cora's ChoiceUmmm, well. This thing was so short. Like, half or third of the books I typically read. And it ended pretty abruptly. And I did not particularly enjoy it. I mean, it was ok, it had some fun moments (but not that many), but mostly it was just… meh…
The description, the premise seemed interesting, but… Nothing was really explored, explained. It was just soooo short and ended so fast and random. Not that what happened at the end was random, that was kind of predictable, expectable, but WHEN the book ended (It ended, like, just when it was about to really begin)… Yes, it continues in another book, but I’m not particularly tempted to read it (although the description of the next one is kind of intriguing, but not enough).
So yeah. Not really my cup of tea. Too short, too.. something I can’t really explain. It just didn’t feel like much of anything, I wasn’t gripped, I wasn’t caught up into the story. The reading went kind of slow right from the start, but I thought it might get better, it really didn’t, at some moments I just kind of skimmed over the page.
And there was something about the characters, that just… meh… 😀 Mr. Thorne – who I thought I would like because of the name (because of The Lunar Chronicles’ Captain Thorne) – was too cryptic and mysterious, and weird. And Cora was… well… at the beginning she was ok, and she was kind of ok all the time, but when she got all weird about Mr. Thorne, it just sort of reminded of other heroines who “feel the bad in the bad, sexy guy, but fall for him anyway and think about how stupid they are”, not that she really falls for him or anything, actually. At least not in this book/novella. Can’t say what happens next. But the reminder just put me off. Though she should get some kudos for thinking about his creepy aura, his sexiness and blah-blah, and NOT exactly falling for him. But yeah… Meh. Sorry, but that is how I felt after reading this novella – meh.
So, let’s say, that I give it 1.5 stars, since the premise, the idea seemed so promising at the beginning.
Might work for some, didn’t for me.

For this blog, though, it seems more appropriate to give nuts to the books, not stars or whatever. So this novella gets 1.5 nuts from Squirrel.

P.S. To read more about the book, click the picture – spent a good half an hour to get that working and looking the way I want. Turns out, I was trying to do it the wrong way, but since that is now sorted out. (Who said squirrels are supposed to be technologically well-versed? No one.) 😀 Yay, for me, learned something new!

P.P.S. Something more about the name of the blog and myself on my About page, which will most definitely be added upon soon.


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