Lots of Tension and a Bunch of Secrets

Let’s also add the other review I have on Goodreads for everyone to enjoy here 😉

It’s a very short review of The Beautiful Ashes by Jeaniene Frost who is one of my favorite authors. I really loved her Night Huntress series, and The Night Prince series (set in the same universe as Night Huntress but with different central characters) and The Night Huntress World books (two stand-alones also set in the Night Huntress universe, each with its own main characters) were fun as well. So I kind of wanted to read The Beautiful Ashes, but I kind of wasn’t really into it before it came out. I guess the description didn’t hit me at first as something I’d really like to read. But enough of my indecision, let’s get to business. 

At first I wasn’t really interested in this book, but after reading the “sneak peeks” on Jeaniene Frost’s homepage, I was intrigued. The book was enjoyable, sexy (seems to be J. Frost’s thing, although this one didn’t have such steamy steamy scenes as The Night Huntress books, but this is YA… And the book still had some steamy tension steaminess) and at times laugh-out-loud funny (‘old man wearing lipstick – courtesy of an angel’, anyone? :D). I was entertained, I had fun. At times I was annoyed, but that happens and it did not really diminish the enjoyability of the book by that much. Can’t wait for the next book.

It’s a pretty short review, but it also was my first 😀

And now I actually have some more things to say about The Beautiful Ashes. Firstly, the cover is quite pretty, but doesn’t really reflect on the appearance of any characters, because I’m pretty sure that Ivy, the main heroine, wasn’t black-haired. Not that it’s a problem. Just a silly fact. Secondly, oh, the tension, the attraction between Ivy and Adrian, the main characters… You kind of keep waiting for them to jump each other any moment, except that they really don’t, but when they finally get there… Oh, let’s not spoil things 😀 Thirdly, more on me being annoyed when reading. Some of the things I was annoyed by I have also noticed mentioned in other reviews on Goodreads, like, the mysteriousness, the secrecy between the characters – oh why can’t you just spare everyone some hurt and time, and just say what the heck is up with this or that? 😀 Or someone’s stupid actions and whatnot. But, at least for me, it wasn’t that much of a problem. I mean, people do stupid things from time to time, so why can’t fictional people do that. And people are weird and annoying at times, so let’s allow fictional people to be that way, too. I guess I don’t look that much into character developments, character strength and personalities etc. when reading a book, for me, the entertainment factor seems to be the most important. And the book did entertain me, as I stated in that short review.

I laughed when reading. At times I laughed out loud. I’m not sure if I cried, mmm, no, there weren’t any tear-worthy moments for me. There most definitely were truckloads of tension (sexual, for the most part) that made me want for them to just get at it (does saying that make me some kind of perv?).

I gavWebe it 4 stars on Goodreads and I stand by that rating, therefore The Beautiful Ashes receive 4 nuts from Squirrel 😀

What did you think of this book, if you’ve read it?

P.S. To anyone who is reading this (if there is someone :D) – do you want me to add the books’ description? I do provide a link to the book in Goodreads (click the cover :)), so the description is available that way, if someone’s interested, but maybe you’d wish for it to be included in the post.


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