Squirrel Favourites #4: The Seven

Welcome back to another installment of Squirrel Favourites – a bi-weekly feature where I blabber about my favourite books or book series.

An also welcome me and you back to this Guide after a two-week silence in which I cooked up the draft of by Bachelor’s thesis (which is about translating the personal names in A Games of Thrones into Latvian, if you’re interested, and if not, well, you still just read this 😛 poor you 🙂 )

harrypotterbookcoversOn to this week’s favourite. Which, again, won’t be only one book, but another series. That, coincidentally, also has seven books. Lol, didn’t think of that before writing. Anyway. I pronounce Harry Potter the Squirrel Favourite of this week (two weeks?).

On the very informative side for those who don’t know this (who doesn’t?), the seven books in the Harry Potter series are:
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (aka Sorcerer’s Stone)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

The Story

And I don’t mean the story in the books. The story of how I got into the books, is what I mean.

I think I was  Ok, so turns out I was 9 when the first book came out in Latvian. And around that time or maybe a year or two later, I’m not sure, my aunt offered to get it for me as a birthday gift (or maybe for my name’s day, not sure, yet again). And I declined. I got a little blue backpack/handbag instead (oh, so it was for name’s day, I think now, because I sorta remember getting that bag on my name’s day, well, whatever, I guess). I had heard or read about the book, well, at least read the synopsis, I suppose, and it didn’t interest me.

Then some years later the first movie came out, and I saw it. The second one came out, and I saw it. And, I guess, then a relative came home from UK and wanted to read the fourth (?) book in Latvian (for some reason she wanted to read it in Latvian, even though she could have read it in English, at least that’s what I think), so I offered my classmate/friend as a book source. Somewhere along the way though I got the first book in Latvian from the classmate for my relative to read (maybe she wanted books 1-4 or something?), but ended up reading it myself. And so I went through all the books that were out in Latvian at that time. So it definitely was at least the first four books, I think. The fifth was either out already, as well, or the time until it came out was quite short. So I only had to wait for books 6 and 7 to come out in Latvian.

For book five I distinctly remember that when I read it, the weather outside was overcast and dreary and I was in the middle of the living room lying in a raskladushka (I also slept in it for a while, since I was getting a new bed or something). And the book therefore felt even more sad/depressing/dark, because of the weather, naturally, not the raskladushka, I found sleeping in it cool, lol.

Then I reread the series when I was in the first year of University, and then a year or so later (which would be around two years ago), I gifted the first HP book to my Sister for Christmas. And she totally got into it. So now I can read the series whenever I want.

A bit of silliness not entirely connected with books, but it does feature Harry Potter: Me, a friend and her boyfriend (maybe my Sister or someone else, too) were going to a movie. I don’t remember what. And there was a large standing poster thing (how do you call those? – something like this) for HP6, that is, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. But only half of the name could be seen from our vantage point. So Friend’s Boyfriend asks/wonders out loud about this weird ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blue what’ movie… Imagine the laughter 😉 Since everyone except for him had read/watched all the movies/books (don’t really know about him, though) it was extra hilarious. And now I’m starting to think that it was the movie we were going to, but I’m not absolutely sure. Half-Blue Prince, ha.

More Babble

I also got very scared when reading HP1. I’m not sure at which moment. Either at the Mirror of Erised (when Harry is going to it, maybe) or when the trio go after the stone and have to do the tests and then they meet ‘the creepy turban’. I don’t really remember that, but I do remember that I read it late at night and it was dark out and so on and I got quite scared from something and for a moment thought of not reading anymore. Or I stopped for that night. That I don’t remember either. But now it just seems silly that I got scared by something in the first book. I think it was the first book, lol. Maybe the second, but I’m more inclined to believe it was the first.

I was also spoiled on the death in HP6. My friend even described the situation, I think, and I was pretty confused and wtf, so the spoiler wasn’t that bad except for the part that I knew what to dread.

I also sorta knew who dies in HP7, well, at least about one, I think. Another friend told me something about it. But I don’t think she told me anything about the exact ending – I didn’t know beforehand who wins and so on. So yeah, I got some spoilers, but minor ones, in m opinion, since I didn’t know how and what exactly happens.

And I read HP7 during a snowy Easter at my friend’s (the one with the ‘Half-Blue Prince’ Boyfriend). I finished it in two days. I remember that I read about Grindelwald in the evening and my friend was going to sleep while I was still sitting in bed reading. Not sure how happy she was. And I didn’t particularly care if it bothered her brother (hah). But I can distinctly remember the scene of her room and that I was reading about Dumbledore’s past and Grindelwald. And then the next day I finished it. Not sure if I teared up, but I definitely do that now when I reread the last book. I mean, so many feels there.

And I don’t have a problem with how JKR paired the characters. I didn’t really care about the romance part, I guess. I was kind of annoyed by Cho, actually. Romance isn’t really the main point of the series, so I didn’t care for it that much, I suppose.

I like the movies. I rewatched them from time to time as well. The last two, those for book 7, are really great, at least for me. I also like the third movie a lot, even though it is so different from the books in some aspects.

It’s a great book series that can be read again and again.

If you haven’t read it, I’m shocked. Who hasn’t read HP? (Mmm, okay, I’m starting to think my Boyfriend hasn’t, lol) Read it! OR at least watch it! But reading is better, there’s so much more in the books.

So much about the books here 😀 Oh well. I suppose this at least gets across the point that I really like Harry Potter (I felt so jealous when, last year, a classmate posted pictures on FB of being on the set/studio tour of HP, ghaaaa).

If you’re a fan, I suggest you join Pottermore. So many interesting things to do, see and read. And you get a want and get sorted. I’m a Ravenclaw, by the way. 🙂


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