ARC Review: Edward Scissorhands Volume 1: Parts Unknown


Book: Edward Scissorhands Volume 1: Parts Unknown

Series: Edward Scissorhands #1

Author(s): Kate Leth, Drew Rausch

Links:  Goodreads
The Book Depository

Expected publication: May 19th 2015

After reading around on other book blogs about NetGalley, I decided to sign up for it. You know, for more book opportunities. I’ve requested some, and even got approved for two or three, for example, expect to see a review of Kristin Cast’s new book Amber Smoke. But I wasn’t approved for A Court of Thorns and Roses by S. J Maas, but I didn’t particularly expect to get approved for it, so no hard feelings. And just when I started exploring and requesting (I think a month has passed), I came upon the catogry with books that are available without the need to get approved (Read Now), so I looked around there and Edward Scissorhands Volume 1: Parts Unknown kind of caught my eye, I thought I could give it a shot. And here we come to the review part 🙂

The Good

I liked the movie, I like Johnny Depp, so I thought getting a continuation of the story might be interesting. That is why I chose this comic even though comics aren’t really my thing. I must add though, that I have read some manga (which basically is a type of comics).

Honestly, I can’t really come up with anything that stuck out to me as good or fantastic. I liked that it was about Edward, I guess. And that’s about it. Nothing particularly impressed me. Maybe I would see it differently if it were a paperback, but it wasn’t.

The Bad

The plot was kind of disappointing. I don’t know what I expected, I guess I didn’t really expect anything, but I definitely hoped for something more (whatever that would be). The plot was the most unsatisfying part for me. It felt so simplistic. There was something, but it really wasn’t anything. I didn’t feel invested in what is going on in there. Maybe comics just aren’t my thing, so take that into account if you plan to decide on adding this to your TBR only by using by review as a guide – I’m no expert in comics, I don’t really read them, so my judgment is very subjective in this case. And the ending was just… Abrupt. Everything was solved in a page or two.

And the main part of a comic, the illustrations, didn’t really please MY eye. They just didn’t work for me.


Therefore, overall the comic was okay. I don’t really want to say it was bad, because my experience with comics is limited to some mangas and some long-ago-read translated (they were in Latvian, therefore I assume Webnow that they were translated) Donald Duck comics (mainly featuring the three ducklings, whatever their names were 😀 ). So I’m saying it was ok. But I didn’t particularly enjoy it. There was nothing special in it, at least in my opinion. That is why Squirrel can spare only 2 nuts for Edward Scissorhands Volume 1: Parts Unknown.

I feel kind of bad that I have nothing more to say about it, but there wasn’t much I felt about it, so this is how it is then. Oh, well. Now just have to get around to posting a review on NetGalley. (Noob question incoming!) By the way, I know I send them the link to my review, but do I also post this same review in NetGalley or send it to the publishers through that ‘Give Feedback’ feature or how exactly is the NetGalley reviewing supposed to work?

I just might not be a comics person after all 😀

Do you read comics or manga? And did you like this particular one, if you’ve read it?


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