April Wrap-Up: A Slow Month

Bye bye, April!

Second month of my blog has passed, and actually not much has happened. Mostly because of my annoying Bachelors Paper/Thesis.

Let’s have a look back at what little exactly has happened in April on A Lazy Squirrel’s Reading Guide.

Only 5 posts this month. Only one of those five is a full-blown review. But it’s a review of something first for me – both an ARC and a comic – Edward Scissorhands Volume 1: Parts Unknown. And now I’m starting to think that I probably should have published it in May, closer to its release date, but, oh well. 😀

Then April saw two Squirrel Favourites. #3 was on the Night Huntress series and #4 was on Harry Potter. #5 will probably be part 2 on HP, because I realized that there is still a lot to tell. Especially stuff that is more substantial than my memories and feelings from when I read certain HP books, lol.

I also checked in with Feature and Follow Friday again.

And the fifth post for April was just a quick note about The Book Depository having 50% off on Throne of Glass by S.J. Maas. Find the quick note here with a link to the book.

And that was it for April here. Wasn’t much, but it’s okay. University has to be finished 😀 Not much left there, so May should bring on more posts.

And then just a random thing that just has to be said. I had a pretty weird/hilarious dream this morning. Overall, a dream like any dream, except for the fact that it featured Cait from Paper Fury. And here is the silly/hilarious/a bit awkward part – I’v never met her, I can’t say I really know her. I just read her blog. I’m not sure if I’ve ever even commented anywhere on it. Like, what the hell dream? At one point in the dream I even start to think that, hey, isn’t she from Australia, why/how are we in one place. And then I thought something like – cool, maybe we’re in Australia or something and went on along with the dream. And the dream also had my Boyfriend in it, who somehow sorta knew Cait, which is also hilarious, because he doesn’t even know about my blog. Like, wow, brain, how id you come up with this? Maybe because yesterday I watched an episode of some Australian TV series?

Anyone else has had random dreams involving bloggers you’ve actually never met? 😀


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