RRWC May Challenge #2: Book Spine Poetry

And another week of general book silence. I’m kind of getting annoyed by myself. But I’ll get to a more active posting when I get to it. Freakin’ finishing university ain’t that peaceful, I’ll be so happy after I hand in the final copy of my Thesis next Friday. Well, unless, of course, I’ll be a total bundle of nerves about what the reviewer thinks and so on.

But, I’ve received my Throne of Glass, so that will be reviewed here sooner or later. And I’ll soon be done with a short story collection, and there are a couple of eARCs that require my sorta immediate attention, so things will get better. I promise myself, and you, too, readers, if someone is really reading this. Which I really hope for.

What a long preamble, lol. On to the topic.

It’s Week 2 of Rosie’s May Weekly Challenge. Here be the overall rules and here be this week’s challenge which is making poetry with book spines. And you have to use 5 books. Which is like, cheese and rice, how am I gonna do this? 😀 I don’t have that many physical copies of books in English, and the ones I do have, don’t have the best titles to use in poetry. I considered using the Latvian books I have (or Latvian translations), but the, after looking at my books for a while and taking some out and putting on each other, and thinking, and taking some more books out, and so. I came up with this massively impressive verse. Ha, yeah right.


Twilight, the darker side,
Once burned bare bones
At grave’s end.

What a masterpiece! Such ideas! Much thought!

This was definitely harder than last week’s life soundtrack. At least for me. But it was also kinda fun. Especially waiting for a moment when no one’s home so I don’t have to explain myself (as far as I know, only one person besides me knows about my blog, can’t get myself to tell about it to anyone yet)

Have you dipped your toes in book spine poetry? For me, this was the first time. How was yours?


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