May Wrap-Up: An Even Slower Month

Bye, bye lazy and silent May!

What an empty month this has been on the blog. But now it should definitely change. I’m finally done with my Thesis, there’s only the defense left, and that’s this Friday. I’m so done with University πŸ˜€

I’ve also done some reading, so some reviews are coming your way, I just have to type them up. I’m done with Throne of Glass, so expect that.  And also a review of a short story collection is coming. Currently I’m still reading Uprooted by Naomi Novik, so that will also get a review when it’s done. And I’ve finished my eARC of Amber Smoke by Kristin Cast, but that review will be posted closer to the publishing date (which probably isn’t that far away anymore).

So. My lazy May brought two posts on this blog. Both were for RRWC:

RRWC May Challenge #1: Life Soundtrack
RRWC May Challenge #2: Book Spine Poetry

I wanted to do the third challenge as well, but that week I had to be at Uni and I slept in the dorms and the Internet there has a tendency to be non-existent. I like to call it the black hole of Internet – it just disappears there πŸ˜€ Therefore, no Challenge #3 for me.

So that was my silent May. How was yours?


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