Review: DEAD[ish] by Naomi Kramer

Print Title: DEAD[ish]
Author: Naomi Kramer
Series: DEAD[ish] #1
Rating: 2/5
Source: A Kindle freebie on Amazon. Turns out it’s still free, so you can buy it here if you feel interested.

I found this book on Amazon a while ago, when I had just downloaded Kindle for my PC and discovered the tons of Kindle freebies that can be found on Amazon. Now that I’ve got a new phone that can do more than just be a phone, that is, I now have a smartphone, I installed Kindle on the phone as well, so you can expect more Kindle freebie reviews, now that I’ve got an alternative to hogging the PC with my reading – it’s hard to read on PC, when someone’s nagging you to let them do some stuff on PC. So, yeah, Kindle on the phone it is. 😀

I got the book because (a) it’s free and (b) the description sounded so hilarious and promising in sort of a morbid way. But it didn’t turn out so well.

Overall, the book was entertaining and fun. It is also quite short, therefore it’s a very quick read. But it severely lacks in solid plot and character development. Honestly, the synopsis of the book sounds so much better than the actual book.

Plot-wise, the overall premise is interesting, to me it was something new. I don’t think I’ve read anything with ghosts that need to find their body and can’t do it. And, let’s not forget that typically the main heroine is alive and we experience things from her POV. This book is told mainly from the POV of the boyfriend and the P.I. Sometimes there’s also Linda, the dead MC, but her POVs take up the smallest part. As for other things plot… Well, there’s not too much of there. Especially because most things that happen aren’t explained. Like, the main thing that drives the plot is Linda looking for her body. Then she discovers what happened to it. But no one can explain why what happened happened. It’s just… What happened was weird, therefore I hoped for some reasons for it, but no, the people involved didn’t know. And that was disappointing.

Character-wise, there also wasn’t much. Three main characters – Linda, her boyfriend Mike and the P.I. Trent – and not much character to them. Mike’s an ass, Trent is … umm… I don’t even know. And Linda is the dead MC who’s looking for her body and sometimes acts real weird. And then there’s also a very stereotypical gay couple who are Mike and Linda’s neighbours. Yeah. I think that’s about it that can be said for the characters. There’s just not too much to them.

Despite the lacking plot and disappointing characters, the book was still sort of enjoyable, it still managed to entertain me because it was so short and funny. If you can look past all the F-words and such. There were a lot of those. And also shit and so on. But at times you find such silly giggle-worthy expressions, like:

I look like a smurf, a munchkin and an oompa loompa had an orgy and I was their love-child.

For a quick and easy read that doesn’t require much of your attention and thinking, it’s okay. And it wasn’t boring. It’s an okay freebie, I suppose. Therefore two nuts to DEAD[ish].Web

If you don’t mind swearing too much or can look past it and if you need to pass a couple of hours with a read that doesn’t invest too much of your emotions or any other capabilities, Dead[ish] is worth a shot, because (a) it’s kind of fun, (b) despite all that it lacks it still manages to entertain and (c) it’s a freebie.

Have you read DEAd[ish] or any other Kindle freebies? What did you think?


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