Funny Story AKA The “Secret” Blog

So yeah. A kind of a funny story. As suggested by my Sister to write. It’s kind of about her, too. And this blog and me blogging. Secretly. Supposedly.

I’ve mentioned this already, but, as far as I know, up until now only one person besides me knew about the blog. Turns out my Sister knew, too. It came out real silly.

Here comes the bit of hilarity. We’re going together book-shopping, we’ve recently been doing that. But the bookstore doesn’t have Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (neither in English, nor in Latvian, it did have Hollow City, though), so we decide to go to another one, maybe they have the translation at least. The thing is, Sis got a new phone yesterday, so she’s now Instagraming and what not, so, we’re going from one bookstore to the other and I laugh that now she just should start ‘bookstagraming’ (in addition to ‘catstagraming’ our cat) and make her own book blog. Or just join me. And then she kind of confesses, that she knows about my blog.

Supposedly, she was just curious, what I’ve been ‘secretly’ writing on my PC (and probably in my notebook, we didn’t really cover her snooping around my blog notebook, whatever :P), so at some point she had checked things out on my PC. So yeah. Turns out I’ve been secretly writing, and she’s been secretly reading my blog when I’m not home or when I’m in another room. And I didn’t know it, because I (very smartly) don’t log out of my WordPress, therefore her views aren’t registered in blog stats, since it’s theoretically me looking at the blog. Funny story, huh? 😀

And here I thought she might find out from Goodreads, which she recently joined and where I have links to my blog. Nope, turns out someone’s already been snooping around. But she’d also been thinking of telling me that she knows, planning to send me a text message while she was away last week, but she’d kind of forgotten about that. So she’d planned to maybe buy me a book and write in it that she knows, but then it came out how it came out, so all’s well, I suppose. Not that it wasn’t well or anything. It’s just funny how we’ve been trying to snoop around each other.

Anything you’d like to add, Sis?

P.S. She bought Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver.


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