Review: We Were Liars by E. Lockheart

we-were-liars-lockheart-coverTitle: We Were Liars
Author: E. Lockheart
Rating: 3/5

Some things to note, before we dive into the review. One, I read the Latvian translation, not that it matters too much, but I wanted to point that out. Second, I wasn’t really planning to read this book. I already knew the twist – I’d willingly looked under the spoiler tag in someone’s review. Don’t blame anyone else, but me. And I didn’t find it too interesting. But, you know, when a book pops up in your home, you read it. In this case, it popped up, because Sister bought it. So, after she was done, I gave it a shot.

What I liked the most about this book, was its prose. At least in the translation it was quite beautiful, very flowing. The sentences/paragraphs/words were also often spaced out
in interesting
It didn’t bother me, but it didn’t also impress me too much, but I kind of get the possible purpose of them, therefore I don’t find them a problem or anything. It just might be something, that people can find distracting or unlikeable, so, you’ve been warned now. Hard to tell, how the prose flows in English, but I imagine it is similar – I don’t think you can come up with a text of a completely different quality. At least not in literature/literary translation.

Though I also want to note, that there were some tiny grammar mistakes. Haha. I just can’t not notice things like that. Just can’t. And there seemed to be a problem with the name of the Barbie, Butterscotch, I think, because in one place it was translated in Latvian, and in the other it wasn’t. Editor’s mistake maybe? Just another thing I noticed. 😀


The book is from the POV of Cadence, the MC (main character), in first person. The other main characters are Mirren, Gat and Johnny. They’re all great friends and there’s some romance, a lot of headache and some mystery. And a twist. Which didn’t impress me, since I already knew about it. Hard to tell, what I would think if I didn’t know it.

A bit more about the characters, I, personally, didn’t really connect with them, didn’t feel for them. The dogs, though, yes, I felt for those. Cadence sort of annoyed me. But not as much as Eleanor from Eleanor & Park (but that’s a story for their review :D). I understood the whats and why and so on, but they didn’t really make me feel for her. Johnny and Mirren also didn’t inspire much of anything, while Gat, well, I don’t know. He was weird for me, I guess. He’s worldly thoughts and views. They are nice and all, but, I don’t know. I guess I’m put off by smart and and thinking teenagers? 😀

But I know that Sister really liked it. I distinctly remember her saying that there’s sort of nothing happening, nothing going on, but there is still something going on and that pulls you in and makes you keep reading. Maybe she’ll write her own review? Huh, Sis?

Maybe I was too old for the book? The romance/love there totally didn’t inspire me. I had no idea what Cady’s talking bout on that front. I guess I wasn’t that much into anyone at that age.

Anyway, the book is not bad. It is quite okay. I sort of liked it, I sort of didn’t. I’m not sure. There’s sort of a battle in me about the rating for this one. It was kind of nice and entertaining (as much as this book can do that, given everything going on there). But it also didn’t impress or wow me. So, I don’t know. It’s a weird one to rate. And that is why I give it 3 nuts. I guess it’s good overall, but not really for me. But I also don’t regret reading. And that’s also something.


Suddenly it occurred to me that I would have liked a bit more lies in there. I mean there are lies, but there’s sort of no reason for the Liars to be called Liars. At least I don’t exactly remember that a reason was given. But maybe I just don’t remember or I didn’t get it. 😀

Have you read We Were Liars? What did you think of it? And the twist? What about that? Was it a shocker, or did you expect it? * interrogation over *


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