August Wrap-Up: Month of Lazy

It’s wrap-up time! And, yet again, there’s not too much to look back on post-wise. Oh, well. August was lazy in those terms. Mainly because of the Boyfriend’s job vacation. Can’t type up too many reviews when you spend time together doing various things or just doing nothing together.

So, during the month of lazy, I posted two reviews 😀
I wasn’t too impressed by Eleanor & Park, even though many seem to love it.
And I really loved The Winner’s Curse. I’ve already read the second book, as well. Wait for that review to come sometime during September, I hope. 😀

And that’s it in terms of reviews on the blog. In other news we’re now back to two cats (we took in a stray kitten on Saturday). Temporary name for the cat – Batman, because he/she (we’re not sure yet :D) is black with a white chin, white spots on the stomach and white feet.

I’ll be starting my Master’s studies next week. Judging from the schedule, it might be mad. Every second Friday from 8AM till 8PM will be spent in lectures (Thursdays and Saturdays aren’t so mad – only half of the day spent in lectures). Oh, my! But hopefully they’ll be interesting. And I also got a part-time job. In the library of my Uni. But not really with books. At the copy and printing station, I think you could call it that. But, since it’s not a particularly taxing job (all depends on how many people need to print/copy/scan things or not), it should allow ample time for reading (according to my aunt, my study programme, Literary Studies, has a lot of required reading). And, theoretically, review writing.

Therefore I really hope I’ll do better this month with reviews. But I’m doing quite well with reading. According to Goodreads, I’m 3 or 4 books ahead of my 30 books challenge, which is very nice, because at one point I was 5 books behind.

Anyway, that was my August. I promise to try to be more productive in September. 🙂

How was your August?

P.S. Don’t forget I’m on Twitter now. 😀


2 thoughts on “August Wrap-Up: Month of Lazy

  1. You didn’t adore Eleanor and Park? OMG ME NEITHER LET US HI FIVE IN COMRADERIE OVER THIS. XDDX hehe, I feel bad for saying that, though. I liked it, but it didn’t knock my socks off like it did to everyone else. Oops. Congrats on being ahead of your challenge too! 😀
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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