Review: Looking for Alaska by John Green

lookingforalaskaUK.inddTitle: Looking for Alaska
Author: John Green
Rating: 4/5

On Saturday, I finished the last John Green book we have, therefore it’s time to celebrate it with a review of another of his books. 😀 We’ll start this off with Looking For Alaska, which is actually the first book by Green that I’ve read. And I read it in June, I think. So, obviously, writing this up took me a while. As things seem to often do. Oh, well…

Overall, I think Looking for Alaska is one of (or the one?) my John Green favourites. Maybe I feel that way because it was the first one and I wasn’t yet acquainted with his style, maybe I just also really liked it. I’m not entirely sure anymore. After reading the whole box set (5 books), I’ve grown to see a lot more similarities, downsides etc in his books, which is why I’m not entirely sure about things, but I did give it 4 stars on Goodreads after finishing… So that should as something, right?

Mainly, I’ll be look at my impressions when I was reading the book or when I’d had just finished it (I think I made my notes during reading, but, yet again, I’m not entirely sure. Ha).

The things I found really likeable were the humour, which seems to be present in all of Green’s books. At moments it’s just laugh-out-loud funny. Or silently giggling, if you’re at work/in public. For example, the following phrase and the whole situation when it was said… Hilarious!

What the hell is in swan saliva that burns so badly?

There were also hilariously awkward moments. Or, well, how to put it, they’re hilarious and kind of awkward and make you almost feel embarrassed. The moment that induced such feelings, is, of course, the watching of the Brady Bunch. Like, oh, cheese and rice! Seriously? Deadly funny.


But not everything is sunshine and smiles in Looking for Alaska. It also had it’s teary moments. The first cry-inducing situation in the book was Colonel’s greatest day. It is actually aaaw inducing as well. Basically, Colonel made me tear up a bit at one point. And the other cry-worthy moment also featured Colonel, but he wasn’t the only one there and it was really, well, both a hard and a great moment. The feels there.

And then there’s the big thing of the book. The Something, call it a twist if you wish. When reading, you notice quite soon that something will happen/has happened, since there’s Before parts and After parts. Well, let me just say that it was both expected and unexpected. Expected – because you probably could figure it out on your own. Unexpected – because you just wouldn’t expect it from this book. Somehow, I still did not think that my suspicions will be true (by the way, they were also not entirely accurate). But, yeah, be ready for something.

I actually don’t remember too much about the characters, which stands to me that nobody really jumped out at me. Well, except for Colonel, apparently, since I’ve managed to mention him and he’s not really the MC. Colonel was actually surprising. From the outside he seemed a tough guy, but he turned out to have a really nice and sweet side. In a quite unexpected and sweet way.


Looking for Alaska made me cry, it made me laugh. It was a nice read a bit on the emotional side (especially because I didn’t expect it to be so). It had it’s drawbacks, but I really don’t remember them (and half of them are shared with other books by Green, and that is where they’ll be looked at – in another review). And so it gets 4 nuts from Squirrel.

What do you do when you watch the Brady Bunch?
P.S. I’ve never seen it.
P.P.S. Is it just me or was this a bit ramble-y?


2 thoughts on “Review: Looking for Alaska by John Green

  1. I’m always torn about reading John Green’s stuff because I know all of his novels end in a bittersweet tone and that’s just something I can’t seem to get over. I usually need my books to end in a HEA or at least HFN because I get enough real life BS that I’d like to be left with a positive ending. On the other hand his books are very popular and usually have mostly positive reviews which makes me feel like I’m mssing out on some good books!


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