Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses by S. J. Maas // Everything I Missed in Throne of Glass

ACOTAR-coverTitle: A Court of Thorns and Roses
Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses #1
Author: S. J. Maas
Rating: 5/5

Yay for finally finding some time write up another review. I’ve been a bit busy with life stuff – work and studies. And then this week I also received some translation work (which hasn’t happened in a while, so that was nice). That’s all about life in two quick sentences. You want more of maybe life-related stuff? Check out my Twitter.

Moving on to ACOTAR. Oh, I found it magnificent. Amazing! And I know there’s been a bunch of discussions on some supposed issues in this book, mainly, well, let’s say, violence against women/in relationship and so on. While I do get how these discussions have come about, I don’t see it that way. And I also typically don’t think much on such things while reading. But more on that a different time. Probably. Hopefully. 😀

Back to A Court of Thorns and Roses. Well, it had all the the fun and action, and thrill of Throne of Glass, but it also had some more adult tones, which I thoroughly enjoyed (and kind of missed in Throne of Glass, to be honest).

Hmm, my notes aren’t too helpful. There are some citations. And then there’s: “Page 162, the undressing for a swim. Mmm” Yeah, how does that help me write a review? 😀 Or “lifting the glamours, page 214”. So there must have been something there. Obviously, all those parts meant something to me.

Okay, got the book (it still smells great, lol). The undressing for a swim is one of those ‘more adult’ scenes. Yeah, MMMm describes it pretty well. Haha. Oh, and about the glamour lifting, that was a giggleworthy moment, where it turns out that Feyre wasn’t exactly alone running around half-naked. Oooops.

A sentence worth another giggle:

Two faerie pigs wallowing in their own filth.

I think Feyre said it to Lucien and Tamlin. Don’t exactly remember what and why and so on.

But there were enough ‘more adult’ moments. And I especially liked the one, that’s sort of the controversial one, I guess. And it be Tamlin after the Great Rite. Call me dirty, but that moment sent off butterflies in my stomach. Nice writing, Sarah!

Plot-wise the book was also quite fun. Some things I didn’t really expect. Like, well, when it turns out that Feyre has been glamoured. Or when the umm ‘magic disease’ gets explained. And then there’s Under The Mountain. Oh, my! The three tasks Feyre has. The second part of her third task. You can’t imagine how I cried. Or, well, wanted to cry, but couldn’t, ’cause I was sort of in public. It was so heart-breaking and heart-warming. And, aaaah.court-of-thorns-and-roses-maas-cover-pic

Though what I don’t understand is everyone’s (well, probably not everyone’s) fascination with Rhysand. Even though his reasons get explained and all that, I still think he’s an ass. And that’s it. Basically, he just sets me on edge. Sorry, Rhysand-lovers. Therefore I really hope things don’t go the way some hope/suspect, where a ship change happens. Because, well, I’m all for Feyre and Tamlin. Especially, as some have pointed out, if a change in ship happens, everything that went down in Under the Mountain would become sort of pointless.

As for Feyre. I liked her quite well. She had her ups and downs. But she got better, I like that she sort of acknowledged her mistakes at moments:

Fool – I really should have been killed ten times over already.

And I also really loved how the romance developed slowly. It also added some fun bits. I mean, Tamlin trying to compliment Feyre was hilarious.

There were also moments when it reminded me a bit of Twilight (I think I saw someone else mention that). I think it was Twilight I was reminded of. Or Daughter of Smoke and Bone? Or maybe both? Or something else? No, wait, didn’t The Winner’s Crime remind me of Daughter of Smoke and Bone (too bad I haven’t written a review for that yet to check, haha)? Well, anyway. ACOTAR reminded me of a book or a couple of books I’ve read, but it wasn’t anything major that diminishes the enjoyment. Just some elements or situations, or feelings I had, small things.

Overall, I seem to like A Court of Thorns and Roses more than Throne of Glass, but I’m only on Crown of Midnight (Book 2) in that series, so there’s that. ACOTAR had so much of everything, in my opinion. There was plot. I’d say quite a lot managed to happen in those 400 pages. There was love, friendship, twists. Crying. Adventure. Adult moments. Hilarity. Action. For me, it had everything. Therefore it gets 5 nuts and Squirrel advises everyone to read it.


Which is your ship? Are you a Rhysand lover or hater? 😀 What did you enjoy (or maybe hated) the most about A Court of Thorns and Roses?


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