Winky Wednesday #2: Sleeping

Let’s welcome another kitty post to the blog. It’s time to really make Winky Wednesday a recurring feature and actually make it recur. Haha. Sorry, I’ve just been a bit busy with school and translation, and work. And, yes, no book talk in this post. Sorry.

This week’s theme – I guess we’ll be doing this with themes? I don’t know, I’m still not entirely sure what I want to make of this feature, oh well. Okay, back to the theme. This week’s theme – Winky sleeping around the house.


Here she’s very relaxed (and probably warm) on the fireplace. During winter she really loves to sit and/or sleep there. Or puke.
Once she also puked there. Sorry for that fact. Maybe.


And here she’s playing the cute ball of cute on some boxes (but you can’t actually tell she’s sleeping on boxes). That’s also a favourite place of hers, where she sleeps not only during Winter, but also in the Summer. Or Autumn. Or Spring. Basically, that’s one of the first places we look for her if we want to know where she is.

Does your pet have a favourite sleeping spot? Or maybe books are your pets? Or both? 🙂


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