Winky Wednesday #3: Kitty Friends

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for another kitty post!

This week we’ll look at Winky and her current friend – our other cat Batman. Batman has been with us for a month and a half now, actually, close to two months. We took him in from the streets. At first he was a real scaredy cat, now he’s just half of a scaredy cat, that is, he’s less scared of everything, but still not completely confident and fearless. He’s especially scared from Mom.


This is the first photo of Winky and Batman together. At first Winky didn’t seem too happy about her new friend, she was hissing a lot, unsurprisingly. So this photo was kind of a surprise, because no hissing was involved. Maybe Winky wasn’t completely aware of the little ‘monster’ behind her.


And this is maybe a week old photo of them together. Obviously, they’re not yet friendly enough to sleep close to each other, but at least they’ve come this far. And they run around the house like mad after each other. It’s so cute and hilarious. And sometimes quite annoying, when it happens early in the morning or late in the evening. Little devils! 😀

Bonus content – Batman lost his first baby tooth on Sunday.


Pictures this time are maybe not as clear – they were taken with phone cameras. But kitty pictures, so who cares! 😀


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