Guest of the Month Club: Beyond the Blog

I was browsing Twitter in October, I think, and I stumbled upon this great idea, and I signed up for it. So here we go, I’m participating in Guest of the Month Club that was created and is hosted by Emily from Emily Reads Everything.


What is Guest of the Month Club?

It is an opportunity to find new blogs, meet new bloggers, collaborate, cooperate. You sign up, another willing blogger is paired with you. You write a guest post for the other blogger, the other blogger writes a post for you. All the posts go up on the last Sunday of the month.

The topic for November – Beyond the Blog.
My Guest of the Month is Claire from Cover to Cover. Isn’t that one pretty blog and blogger? 🙂

Let’s welcome Claire and her outlook in things Beyond the Blog!

Hey, bookworms!

I’m Claire, and I explore pensieves at Cover to Cover, my book review blog. Recently, book blogging for me has evolved from a random, sporadic activity I occasionally did to a more regular hobby that now occupies a significant part of my life. Notably, though, in addition to book blogging, I also focus my attention on various other obligations and pastimes.

There are several different areas I commit time to, but perhaps the largest dedication I currently pursue is school. I am currently a freshman in high school, a devotion that keeps me busy, busy, busy! So far, high school has proved itself to be an interesting new chapter in my life. While I can’t say it has allowed time for blogging and extracurricular activities, I can admit that I have, however cliche it may sound, learned a lot so far.

Outside of school, I love to run cross country and track. Of the two, my favorite is probably cross country, although my opinion changes every season with the new personal records set and memories made. Whether I will enjoy track and field this year remains to be seen, but I can easily say I adored cross country season. The training was difficult and left me sore and sweaty every day; but I am certain the payoff was worth it. Now, I can run faster and for longer distances than I ever could before, and, although running over the winter proves to be a challenge, I can’t wait until track season when I can run with a team again.

I also like music. I play the piano and participate in my school’s choir. These two activities have served as de-stressers and I am incredibly glad that I took them up. Unfortunately, school and other activities have limited my piano-playing time, so I have temporarily halted my lessons, but I am hoping to resume them soon (and of course I still play when I can)!

I do try to attend school clubs as well. Presently, I write for my school’s newspaper, I task I like because it enables me to practice journalistic writing and, much like blogging, share my articles and opinions with others. I am also in Model UN, or Model United Nations, a club that discusses current events and issues through mock United Nations conferences. In the future, I hope to become more active in Speech Club, whose members eloquently discuss and act out poetry, prose, persuasive and research-based presentations. and other verbal categories at competitions.

I really like activities that involve humanitarian efforts, social justice, and politics. I am in Girl Scouts and just received my Silver Award, and hope to begin my Gold project as soon as possible. Also, I am working on a teen-blog project, entitled Vivid, that will launch January 1, 2016. Hopefully, this blog will showcase young adults’ opinions on various modern-day topics and issues. (If you would be interested in guest posting on Vivid or Cover to Cover, please let me know!)

Even though scheduling keeps me on my toes most of the time, in general I must say I am satisfied with my extracurriculars and the hobbies and activities I do!:)

Thanks for having me, Dita!

Thanks, Claire. You can find my post on the topic on Claire’s blog here, while here you can find a list of all the participants of November’s Guest of the Month Club. Check those out, too! 🙂


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