GotMClub: Holiday Traditions with Sarah


What is Guest of the Month Club?

It is an opportunity to find new blogs, meet new bloggers, collaborate, cooperate. You sign up, another willing blogger is paired with you. You write a guest post for the other blogger, the other blogger writes a post for you. All the posts go up on the last Sunday of the month.

This months topic – Holiday Traditions. Very fitting, right? 🙂
And my guest is Sarah from The YA Book Traveler

Thank you Dita for having me on your blog! I don’t really have a ton of holiday traditions but one that holds particular importance to me is going to my church’s Christmas Eve service. I don’t think I’ve ever spent a Christmas Eve night not at my church focusing back on the true meaning of Christmas. I love singing hymns, reading scripture and reflecting on when Christ came to earth.

For those last two weeks in December, I have many get together with various family members. It has been more fun the last few years since my husband I adopted three kids. Kid really do make the holidays extra special.

The first year they moved in was rough because they met so many new people and it was overwhelming for them. But now 4 years later my family truly has become their family and it’s a beautiful thing.

Of course I love watching Christmas movies! My absolute favorites being Elf, Muppet Christmas Carol and Christmas Vacation.

The holidays are such a great time if the year and I look forward to it every year.

Thanks again for having me.

Sarah K

Thanks, Sarah!

I hope everyone had happy and merry Christmas!


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