Checking in: I’m Still Here

Hi! (A quite belated) Happy New Year!

Basically, with this post I’m just checking in and saying that I’m still here, this blog is still alive, it’s just… Well, it has succumbed to my busyness and lazyness (yeah, as it has been for the last couple of months, tell me something new).

I hope to put up some reviews soon. Some Winky Wednesdays as well. And at the end of the month there will be another GotMClub post.

In other news, I bought an e-reader. Now I’m a proud owner of Kindle Paperwhite. The 3rd one, the newest and supposedly fanciest, given that it has a better screen resolution than the previous ones. For now I’m really liking it. I mean, I still love physical books, that can’t and won’t change, but the e-reader gives more options. And let’s not forget the fact that it gives you access to the book instantly – no wait time for it to be shipped and so on 😀 Maybe I’ll write something about it in a post or something. Probably not. I mean, there are so many reviews out there 😀 But, hey, if you do want to know something about it, don’t be shy and ask.

I love how my BF says that now there’s no more physical books for me. Hah! That’s what you think! 😛 Those ain’t going away. And I still have like 5 or 6 fresh paperbacks to read. That has never happened before. November, but mostly December, was quite the bookful month – I ordered some, because I wanted them. Then there was the impulse buy of Days of Blood and Starlight – it was 4.50 EUR or so. Like, it’s impossible not to buy it! And then there was Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale on Book Depository. And Christmas. And Sis got some books for Christmas, so we’re all set on the book front. Just gotta get to reading all of them. ^.^ And then writing the reviews.

So, people, if you’re still following me and reading this, keep on doing it. There will be more stuff to read. 🙂


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