Winky Wednesday #5: Batman’s Origin Story

It’s Wednesday! Kitty picture time! Time for you to find out, how we got to be the owners of Batman.

But, first, let’s get out the fact that our Batman is most likely not a man, that is, not a male. At first we weren’t sure. Then Mom thought that Batman’s a he. Now, she’s going more for she. It’s quite silly, but so it is. Whenever Mom tries to determine whether Batman’s a she or a he, Batman puts her tail between her legs. It’s like – Ha, you silly humans, you won’t be finding out, what I am. 😀

Anyway, off to the silly story of catching Batman.

At the end of the Summer, there, yet again, began talks of a second cat (poor Winky had been alone for more than half a year then). Those talks came and went, half the time it was Mom looking at kitty pictures, saying that we don’t need another cat. Like, who was she trying to fool?

Batman sometime during the first month with us. There should be some pics of her just after “bagging”, but I couldn’t find them.

So at the end of August 2015 Mom suddenly begins to talk about getting another cat. And that, while cycling or driving home from work, she’d seen a kitten on the street. A kitten that’s black and white, decent-sized (that is, it’s a kitten but not a new-born-ish kitten). Somehow all that talk ends with Sis saying that we should go bag him. Mom had to go somewhere that day, but Sis really wanted to go, so the two of us set out with a bit of cat kibble and some stinky fish treats.

We cycle to the place where Mom saw the cat. We see a cat. It’s black and white. Quite decent sized. Although we do have a discussion on whether it’s maybe not exactly a kitten anymore. And the cat is within a fenced-in area (some electricity thing something whatnot territory). Well, no problem. We put out a bit of kibble, throw some smelly fish treats, wonder at how much the cat scratches itself. And, of course, we beware of the passersby.

Why? Because it’s the freaking main street. I mean, it’s not a central street, but it’s one of the main streets into the city, so there’s quite a lot of traffic. And the occasional cyclist or passerby. I can only imagine how the whole thing looked from the POV of anyone else.

The cat comes closer, then gets scared and goes further from us. Then it comes out of the fenced-in territory, but we can’t get close, because he gets scared and runs away. Then I decide to go a few hundred meters ahead to spot where we left some kibble, as there a woman comes by to feed the strays – so we left some food there, hoping to maybe attract the kitten to its maybe usual feeding spot.

So I hop on my bike, go that little stretch, stop at the spot and almost step on a little black and white bundle of a kitten. So I call Sis. I mean, I actually call her on the mobile, because I didn’t want to scream to her to come to me. I’d scare the kitten AND it’d be embarrassing. Sis bikes over to me. Kitty gets scared, runs into an overgrown ditch. We try to get closer, but we can’t get close enough. We put some more food out and go home. Will return another day.

And so we do. Well, not me. Mom and Sis do. A couple more times. Two or three maybe. Then, on a Saturday night, they go out again to feed/bag the kitty. They come home – success!

Winky and Batman on sentry duty Tuesday (yesterday) morning. Batman on the right. Someone’s gotten big, eh?

Long story short – we literally bagged Batman from the street. Like, Mom caught her and put in a canvas bag and then under her jacket, and they cycled home.

And that is how you get a Batman!



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