The Sis Reviews: After The Ending by L. Fairleigh and L. Pogue

HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! A new feature in this blog. I, The Sis, will help to make this blog more awesome by writing some reviews too. Little bit of introduction, my name is Paula, I’m 16 and love to read (huge fan of Harry Potter), eat pomelo with condensed milk, sounds weird but it’s good, play Sims, lay around and do nothing (sounds like Dita, right?). 😀 But, unlike Dita, I enjoy cooking, especially cheesecakes. Yumm.


As I mentioned I will post reviews and hopefully it will happen every Wednesday.

So the first book is going to be After The Ending by Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue. It’s the first book that I have read on Kindle. I still better enjoy physical books.

After The Ending is book one in The Ending series. A post–apocalyptic, romance, fantasy, cheesy romance book. The book is written in first person from Zoe’s and Dani’s point of view.

Two BFFs Dani and Zoe are trying to get to each other (they live in different cities) after a virus killed almost everyone on the world. Those who survived the virus are either going crazy or developing some abilities.

What surprised me is how they communicated. It’s apocalypse so power is down, nothing is working so the Internet isn’t working, too, but somehow they, Dani and Zoe, are sending each other e–mails and I’m like HOW? And you need Internet to send e–mails, right? Or did they have a router with them?

In the middle of the book I started to put a similarity puzzle between Cece and Clara, Jason and Jake. These characters started to get similar. Cece was Miss Bitchiness in Dani’s life and Clara in Zoe’s, Jason super hot, cool military guy – Dani, Jake mysterious, super hot military guy – Zoe. Like, couldn’t authors think a little bit more creative? Of course the hot looking guys looked hot in my head. 😀

There are also dogs and a horse, and all I could think was „No, the dogs are going to die!” I’m always getting nervous when in an apocalyptic book/movie an animal appears, because it will probably die.

My thoughts about something changed during the book. I thought that adult love is different than teenage love, you know, more serious, less drama, awkwardness, jealousy, but nope. That’s why I started to hate Dani – she was 26, but acted like a 15 year-old.

But overall I enjoyed the book. So it gets four nuts.


So next week I could try to review Yesterday’s Gone: Season One by Sean Platt and Davis W. Wright.


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