The Sis Reviews: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

I know I said that I will review Yesterday’s Gone, but I changed my mind because recently I finished the first two books in the Vampire Academy series – Vampire Academy and Frostbite – and they were incredible.

I thought that there are only three books, but, when I was looking for the description of book three on Goodreads, I found out that there were SIX. 😮

VampireAcRMSo Vasilisa (Lissa) Dragomir is a mortal Moroi vampire and she needs to be protected from Strigoi – immortal vampires. Rose Hathaway is a dhampir – half human, half vampire. Dhampirs are strong, that’s why they are chosen to protect Morois from Strigoi.

I LOVED it. And for the first time in my life I fell in love with a book character – Dimitri Belikov. 😍 He’s just… I don’t know, strong, hot, gentle, little bit insecure, hot.

I liked Rose’s character – flirty, sassy, hot headed(?). Well, Lissa. I didn’t like her in the first book with all the depression and cutting herself, in the second book – mkey, she was happier.

And all that “We can’t be together. I’m too old, you’re too young. We will have to protect Lissa together. If she is in danger you will be the first I will save, not her. Bla, bla, bla…” between Dimitri and Rose was just arghhh. Like, come on, Lissa can die, I wouldn’t  mind.

In second book, where Tasha (Christian’s aunt) appeared,  I got angry because she fell in love with Dimitri and he was “Ok”. And in the end tears rolled down my cheeks because someone died. 😦 The end was emotional for me. And I had to try to cry quietly because I wasn’t alone in the room. 😃

There is a movie. Haven’t seen it, but I saw the trailer. DISAPPOINTMENT. Looks like a parody of something. And, and Dmitri totally doesn’t look hot. He’s not even close to hot in my hotness scale. Even Christian looks better and that actor is in Shadowhunters. And Mia?! Oh my, she looked better in my head. I need to see the movie, so I can rant about it. I hope it’s not going to be so awful as I am Number Four, but I think it will be even worse. And then maybe I will make a review about the film that I hated. 😀

Hotness scale. 😀

I hope that the next parts will be as good as the first two and will not go downhill like some books do.

The first two books in the series get five nuts.


P.S. I found an awesome Vampire Academy movie review here. It’s funny.


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