The Sis Reviews: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead #2

I couldn’t live without knowing what happens next, so I went to the library (I don’t like to take books from library) and got the next two parts – Shadow Kiss and Blood Promise. I want to give a cookie to Richelle Mead, because for the first time in my reading life I have fallen so deep for book that I just can’t live without it. I’m addicted  and these books are my drugs. 😀

I’m sorry, but this review will have some spoilers because if I can’t say it, I can’t  give you my true feelings about books. But before the spoiler I just want to say that I have a bad habit of reading the last sentence/page of the book before even starting reading it and sometimes they have spoilers in there, but usually they don’t. Unfortunately, Shadow Kiss had one, for me – a major one. And I hate myself so much for doing that.😡


I liked Shadow Kiss a little less than first books. Rose started to get on my nerves, because she was pissed all the time.

And, and… oh my chapter 23 😏👌.  I seriously almost died. 😀 I needed to put the book down for a few minutes. It was ahh… I don’t know WOW, but at the same time I felt that I shouldn’t be reading this. 😀 But finally! Okay, those who don’t understand what I’m talking about (minor spoiler) – Dimitri and Rose made love. 😀

Ok, time for the SPOILER.

At the end of Shadow Kiss Dimitri becomes a Strigoi. Noooooooooo!😭 And here comes my confusion. I have read the description of the sixth book and there is something about Rose being in jail (for what?) and Lissa and Dimitri needing to help her get out, BUT Dimitri is a STRIGOI, so how he can help her if he wants to kill her? Then I shared my confusion with Dita and she said that she has read that they found something like a cure, BUT then I read the fifth book’s description (need to stop reading them, too 😒) and Dimitri is still a STRIGOI in book five!!!! Arghhhhhh! (I’m so angry and confused writing this now) 😀 And then I’m like “Two books without Dimitri’s hotness?! How will I survive that?” 😀

Overall, I don’t have much to say about Shadow Kiss. It wasn’t as good as I thought it will be. 😦

But here comes book 4 – Blood Promise. One word – disappointment. I have read reviews on Goodreads and many were so positive that I started to think “People do you live under a rock? The book was awful!”

Dimitri as a Strigoi, hmm… hard to say. I would never ever think that I will hate Dimitri, but I do. All my good memories are ruined. But I have three, maybe four parts that liked. 1. When Rose met him for the first time (as a Strigoi). 2. When Rose woke up in that mansion and tried to kill, or whatever, Dimitri with a DVD. That was cute. 😀 3. When Rose “killed” Dimitri. Those last words hmm how would they be in English? (I read the books in Latvian) Oh, found it (glorious Goodreads 🙂 )

That’s what I was supposed to say…

I quite didn’t get it. Maybe someone can explain what Dimitri thought saying that?

Oh, and I really enjoyed Rose’s memories about Dimitri that haven’t been mentioned before. My favourite was snow angels.👼 Just awww, cute.

When I was on page 295, I wanted to finish it as soon as possible or just stop reading it. I don’t remember why. Maybe it was that part, where Dimitri started “drinking” Rose. When that happened I just wanted to vomit.

Hopefully the next two books will get better because these two were meh.

So Shadow Kiss gets four nuts.


And Blood Promise three nuts.


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