The Sis Reviews: I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

PttacusLoreNINE of us came here.
WE look like you.
WE talk like you.
WE live among you – but.
WE have powers you dream of having.
We are the superheros you worship in movies and comic books –
BUT we are real.
THEY caught number one in Malaysia. Number two in England.  And number three in Kenya.
THEY killed them all.

This is the most intriguing cover text. 😀

Got this book last year as a birthday gift from Dita. Somehow I had bought The Revenge of Seven that is book 5 in The Lorien Legacies, because it has such a beautiful cover and Dita said that this book isn’t a part of series. So yeah I bought it in August and then in November I got the first book.

I don’t quite remember my thoughts about it, but I know that I liked it. 😀

It’s an alien book. A book about good and bad aliens who live on Earth. The bad ones are Mogadorians (I have no idea how to correctly pronounce this word) 😀 They are from planet Mogadore. The good ones come from planet Lorien and are divided into two types – Garde and Cepan. Garde develops Legacies or powers, Cepans guard the Gardes and help them understand their powers.

So basically they are fighting with each other, and Mogadorians want to conquer Earth.

The book is written from John’s, Number Four, POV. Since I read the book last year, I seriously don’t remember anything. 😀 I liked it, I liked all the characters. I think that there was nothing that annoyed me.

I have seen the movie. It was terrible! John looked nothing like a 15 or 16 year old guy, Henri – nope, nope, nope. Sarah was annoying. Six was a badass and I didn’t imagine her like a total badass. Well the Mogadorians looked nice. 😀 I think I always like how the bad guys look like in movies.

And I have come to the conclusion that when I read the book first and then watch its movie, I hate it. Like, they cut out the good parts, like in 5th Wave movie there was no butt scene :D, or they find awful actors. I’d rather watch an 8 hour movie with every single detail from the book. 😀

I am looking forward to reading the next parts. 🙂

I Am Number Four gets five nuts.


Have you read I Am Number Four and/or seen the movie? Did you like it?


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