Review: The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski

Title: The Winner’s Crime
Series: The Winner’s Trilogy #2
Author: Marie Rutkoski
Rating: 5/5

Since The Winner’s Kiss, the last book in the trilogy, is coming out this month, I thought I better finally put up a review of the second book.

The third book is already out and I’ve read it. So it’s definitely high time I finally share my thoughts about the second book in the series. Obviously, I’m very fast with this review, since I read the book last Summer. Ain’t I fast? 😀

It was such an emotional… Madness? Roller coaster? Basically, a very emotinal something. I felt like a mess while reading it. I mean, for half the book I was on the verge of tears. For some reason I was in such a state of dread, I was so tense, it was truly something unique. I’ve never experienced anything like it while reading. And I’m not entierly sure why it was so. It could be that I read a review and there was something spoilery awful there so I was kind of expecting that, although whatever was said there never came. So I’m starting to think that the review I think of might have been about a different book and I just mixed something up or I saw things differently, or I’ve no idea, actually. Anyway… 😀

Of course, the ending wasn’t an HEA, but who’d expect that if there’s another book to come in the series. So my dread wasn’t totally without reason, even though nothing SO dreadful happened. Although things weren’t happy. It was such a roller coaster. I (Kestrel/Arin) love him/her – he/she is such a liar – I won’t think about him/her anymore – proceeeds to think only about him/her… Then he’s off to East, to Dacra, and there things are just. Aaah. Well, on one hand, it was fun. We met Roshar, who I’d completely forgotten about until I read The Winner’s Kiss, who’s a weird bundle of something. I’m now pretty sure he’s the one who at some point says:

Our ancestors. Yes, I know that some people from other countries set the people they loved on fire or dump them in a hole in a ground. But Dacra is a civilized nation.

Something about that was just so hilarious and also a really great way to show the differences between the Herrani and Dacran cultures and what each nation thinks of the other, mainly that Dacra just doesn’t particularly care for either Herran or Valoria. I mean, as long as you consider only people, not some gains and benefits, and stuff.

On the other hand, I wanted to kick Arin while he was in Dacra. But I think there were moments when I wanted to kick Kestrel, too. They were just so frustrating at times! Not without reason, of course. But. I want my ship to sail!!! And that’s probably why I was in such emotional torture. I want them to be together, but I know it won’t be that simple and easy. But I still hope for it. The something good happens. And then not so good. And then there’s lies and plotteries. Mainly there’s lies and plotteries, but, hey, that’s a very prominent feature of The Winner’s Trilogy and that’s what I really like about it.


Then there’s another phrase I’ve noted down:

He, too, felt how the heart chooses its own home and refuses reason.

As is typical for me, I haven’t provided any comments to it, so I’m not entirely sure why I’ve written it down. I assume it’s said or thought by Arin. Probably noted down because of feels. What else? Sure not because of giggles. Obviously, I shouldn’t wait for almost a year to write a review.

Overall, as you can tell, the book was very emotional. Some awful torture (no one we love was physically tortured, don’t fret) and pain scenes happened. Lies and plotteries continue. You start to doubt the possiblity of your ship sailing into HEA. And the end is just… an overall “oh, crap!” But it’s great. 5 nuts to The Winner’s Crime.


Go read The Winner’s Crime! If you haven’t started the series, do it! If you haven’t read The Winner’s Kiss, the finale, go read it! Just read this series!

Sorry for the jumbled review, serves me right for not reviewing this book sooner. I hope to do better with The Winner’s Kiss and write a more coherent review sometime soon. 🙂

Was The Winner’s Crime reading experience for you just as nerve-wracking as it was for me? And how do I persuade Sis to read this series? She’s sadly not into The Winner’s Curse. 😀



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