Top Ten Tuesday #2: Ten Facts About Me and Sis



1)  I really love cheese. Blue cheese, string cheese, camambert type cheese, cheesy cheese. Whatever. Cheese. I mean, before a friend of mine moved to another city and I visited her, her mom used to joke that I won’t die of hunger at them, because they have cheese. I’m starting to think that this joke has also been used a couple of times at BF’s parents house. Yes, I like cheesy cheese and I cannot lie.

2) I’m not friends with the kitchen. 99% of the cooking here is done by my BF. I can wash the dishes, help with something, make a few select dishes and bake brownies (that’s like my signature thing now – brownies), but overall I don’t really like to spend too much time in the kitchen.

3) When I read in English, I often wonder how I would translate some things into Latvian, e.g., the title, character names, certain passages or terms specific to the world of the book. When I read in Latvian, I wonder how did the translator come up with that thing. Especially, if I’m reading a book I’ve already read in English.

4) Continuing with the translation quirks regarding reading, I also have a mental list of books I’d love to translate. I mean, the main reason I studied translation was because of my dream of translating books (although my studies did not include literary translation, in Latvia, there really aren’t study programs, that are dedicated to literary translation). I still have yet to get to the part of actually doing anything in this regard or even getting close it, but, hopefully, in time, things will happen. Anyway, Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost was the first book on that list. There’s also The Winner’s Curse series and The Lunar Chronicles. Maybe Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses (despite all my conflicted thoughts and feelings :D). Oh, oh, oh. And Daughter of Smoke and Bone. To translate (like, ‘officially’, not just silently, at home, just for myself) at least one of these would be epic.

5) I’m in a desperate need for a bookshelf and a cat. Moving in with BF had its drawbacks. We have no bookshelf yet, so I have maybe 15 books with me (Kindle not included) and they live on the windowsill (it’s like a temporary bookshelf). And I want all my books with me (not that I have THAT many books, but still). The loss of a cat is also a drawback for me. I’m a cat person. After having at least one cat for 14 years, it’s quite weird to not have cat. So I keep regularly prodding BF about bookshelves and cats. 😀



1) November 18 is my birthday, it’s also Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia. So my birthday is always a holiday.  🎉  🎆

2) I hate literature. As a school subject. This 👇 is what I think about it.


3) When someone scares me, my palms go numb. First time it happened I was reading Harry Potter and my phone rang. Yeah, that scared me. 😀

4) Me and my mom sometimes have disagreements on our cat’s name – Batman. I call him (actually he is a she) 😀 Batman, but mom calls him Pikemons (the pronunciation is like ‘pick’ and ‘pokemon’). I pretty much do not like that name.😒


5) My OTP is Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy. And Dimitri is my book boyfriend. ☺

6) I like baking, especially cheesecakes.🍰 One time I had a dream (actually you can call it a nightmare) that I baked a cheesecake that wasn’t tasty. Guess what? It came true.😄



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