The Sis Reviews: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Well hello there world! The Sis Reviews are back. I don’t even know why they were gone. 😀 But I can assure you that in these few months of silence I have read many books and therefore have many reviews to write. 🙂

DSCN1592Obsidian I bought last year in October, while I was in Germany. This book was bought under pressure. 😀 That is, I was in bookshop with two non-bookworm friends and they wanted to go out as soon as possible. And the English section in the bookshop was small, partly because I already own some of the books. (Later I had to spend an hour in H&M and I got only, like, what 10 minutes in bookshop😑) So I bought Obsidian…😕

While in Germany, I started to read it, but after 20 pages or so I gave up because the cringe was too huge. And in January I decided to give it a try again, because I wanted to read something cheesy. And, boy, was it CHEESY.

Oh, and if someone doesn’t know what’s happening – Katy moves to West Virginia and, guess what, her neighbor is a hot (not really🙄) alien Daemon. Long story short they fall in love with each other.

Katy is a green thumb and she also writes a book blog.(That’s nice🙂) Daemon is a jerk (no, seriously, it is mentioned MANY times), hot (not really, he ain’t Dimitri :D), also he doesn’t own a shirt because he quite often is without it🙄, he is all cold and don’t-give-a-f-about-you-Katy. And I just don’t understand what the hell does Katy see in him?!?

At some point it started to sound like a parody of Twilight. Katy=Bella, Daemon=Edward, Dee, Daemon’s twin sister=Alice. No seriously, Katy is clumsy, so is Bella. While walking through the woods she trips a few times, also a car almost runs her over, but Edwa… khem, I mean, Deamon saves her. And the book is soo pathetic, I don’t even know why I read it. In the first 100 pages I started to regret buying this book. It didn’t feel good. Like, come on, how can I regret buying a book if I LOVE buying/reading books?!😩

Oh yeah I noticed a tiny mistake. Suddenly Daemon was spelled Damon. Not that it matters, but I had a little giggle. 😀

Over all as much as disliked(?) the book I still want to read the second book. I guess Obsidian is in my guilty pleasure list together with TMI series. 😀 Obsidian gets three nuts.


Have you read Obsidian? Did you like it?


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