The Sis Reviews: The Last Star by Rick Yancey

dscn1526The last book of The 5th Wave trilogy – The Last Star. I can’t say that I liked it. It was meh. The ending was weird. Partly it was okay, but, at the same time, there were some things I don’t know why were even happening.

The most nerve-wracking person was Sam. I still don’t get how old is he. Five? Six? He’s acting like he is at least 10 or 11. I just hate him!!!Ā šŸ˜”šŸ˜”šŸ˜” I don’t get why he hates Cassie, but adores Ben.

Further on, this review can (and will :D) contain SPOILERS!



Jumping straight to the ending. What the hell?! When did Ringer get pregnant? When did I miss some sexy scenes? Also how did she survive because, as far as I remember, she was pretty darn dead-ish in the end. I know that she has that 12th system in her, but I still don’t get it. šŸ˜¦

Also at some point a tiny voice inside me was squeaking “Cassie will die.” I didn’t even try to quiet it down. And, well, she did die. I wasn’t even sad when it happened, all I could think was – where is my Evan?? (OMG! Looking through my Goodreads, I read The Last Star in August! Well yeah, I don’t remember what exactly happened. :D)

I would like to know more about what happens to Evan later.

A short summary of The 5th Wave trilogy. It went downhill. The first book just sucked me in – it was awesome. Main thought while reading The Infinite Sea – WHAT IS HAPPENING?! And then The Last Star, which could have been better.

The Last Star gets three nuts.



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