Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2017

Read in June: Sis

In June I have been lazy, lazy, laaaaaaazy. I read two books – The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I’ve also been re-reading Harry Potter.

Read in June: Dita


In June I managed to fulfill my goal of reading (at least) 6 books, which is great. Although I still am slightly behind schedule on my Goodreads Challenge, but I still have time. And, well, so what that I’m behind, at least I’m reading. 🙂

So, June turned out to be quite the month for reading in Latvian. I read four books by Latvian authors – Kaķa lāsts (Cat’s Curse), Kaķis maisā (Cat in a Bag) and Kaķa koncerts (Cat’s Concert) by Linda Nemiera and Mirušie nepiedod (The Dead Don’t Forgive) by Ieva Melgalve. The Skulduggery Pleasant on Kindle you see in the picture is not the actual one I read (I mean, I did once read it on Kindle, but not this time). For my reread in preparation for the second Skulduggery Pleasant, which I have a paperback of, I borrowed Sis’ copy of the Latvian translation of Skulduggery Pleasant, which is called Blēžagabals Jaukums. At first it was a bit weird with all the absurd names in Latvian, but, I mean, they are just as absurd/weird as in English, except they are translated in Latvian. 😀 Well, and I also finished ‘the evil book’, that is, A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas (which was actually the first book I finished in June :D).

June Book Haul


I bought no physical books in June, but I did have my birthday and got a book as a gift from Sis and a ‘stick with leaves’ (that was a clue regarding my gift) from my Boyfriend. I’d say they both managed to make a very coordinated gift without actually coordinating anything. 😀


And it wouldn’t be me, if I hadn’t bought some Kindle books. It’s just too hard to stay away from them. 😀

Lock In by John Scalzi
Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh
Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger – ~3$ on Amazon
Frostblood by Elly Blake – ~1$ on Amazon
The Sweetest Burn by Jeaniene Frost
Get the discounted books while you can, as I have no idea how long the discounts last or how big they will be for your country. But, as of today, May 14, they still seem to be live.



I bought one book – Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon.

Sis’ July TBR

I won’t make any TBR list, because I know I’ll fail anyway. 😀 Of course I’ll try to read something so… we’ll see. 😀

wp_ss_20170714_0002 (2)
This is me right now. 😀

Dita’s July TBR

This month, my goal is to read 6 books again. I hope that by doing that, I might finally not be behind schedule on that Challenge 😀 As always, it’d be great if at least one of the books I read is from my Kindle. As for any specific books I’d like to finish… Well, I’ve started the second Skulduggery Pleasant, that is, Playing with Fire by Derek Landy, and at some point I started Heartless by Marissa Meyer, but haven’t read too much of it. I somehow can’t really get into it. At least yet. So those might be two options to finish. And then there’s my illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. And a bunch of other unread books, so we’ll see what I’ll actually end up finishing this month.


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