This is Squirrel, or Dita, as I’m called most often (or maybe not? Actually, it might be more often that I’m called Squirrel or various derivations of it, like Skvii, pronounced [skviː]). Well then, let’s put it so, my name is Dita, but Squirrel is my nickname, although there’s mainly only one person who calls me that (and those variations of it, too). I have no idea, how exactly it came to be that I should be called Squirrel (I am neither a redhead, nor do I have a fluffy tail), but it has been so for the past 5 years and I like it. So there we go. Squirrel.

I’m female, currently 21 22 (oh, God, I don’t know how old I am 😀 ), a university student (only a couple months left, yay), a reader, sleeper and a lazy-ass. Almost useless in kitchen. An occasional grammar Nazi (and occasionally I will totally disregard any grammar or spelling notions). A would-be translator/interpreter (though not so keen on the interpreting part).

I love to think about things and plan stuff, imagine various situations and projects and plan them out. And then I never really do them. Hopefully, this blog will be the first step towards changing my thinking-but-not-doing to thinking-and-accomplishing.

My current plan is for it to be a book blog, as one of the things I love to do is read. But, with time, there might some something else.

If you suddenly desire to contact me outside of comments, you can e-mail me: lazysquirrelreads@gmail.com

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